Trezor Bitcoin Wallet Review

As a bitcoin aficionado, I decided to provide my input on the hardware wallets available to buy. Today, I review the Trezor bitcoin wallet. I assume everyone here knows what bitcoin is, but if you're new to bitcoin and aren't sure how it works, I recommend you read this page on the Bitcoin Wiki.

Now, when I'm considering products, I prefer all of the details in a concise and structured format. So, that's how I will list the pros and cons of the Trezor.

ProsComes in secure tamper-proof packaging to ensure no one modified the hardware since it was originally packaged.Its firmware is open-source, which is a great boon for two reasons: open-source is usually more secure than close-source, and if Trezor ever goes out of business, you or the community can continue to provide support or assist in retrieving lost coins.Has a long track record as the first hardware wallet on the market. It may also have more money earned and invested in the product than its competitors, which i…