Trezor Bitcoin Wallet Review

As a bitcoin aficionado, I decided to provide my input on the hardware wallets available to buy. Today, I review the Trezor bitcoin wallet. I assume everyone here knows what bitcoin is, but if you're new to bitcoin and aren't sure how it works, I recommend you read this page on the Bitcoin Wiki.

Now, when I'm considering products, I prefer all of the details in a concise and structured format. So, that's how I will list the pros and cons of the Trezor.


  • Comes in secure tamper-proof packaging to ensure no one modified the hardware since it was originally packaged.
  • Its firmware is open-source, which is a great boon for two reasons: open-source is usually more secure than close-source, and if Trezor ever goes out of business, you or the community can continue to provide support or assist in retrieving lost coins.
  • Has a long track record as the first hardware wallet on the market. It may also have more money earned and invested in the product than its competitors, which is good if you want to ensure future support for your device.
  • Has a larger community than other hardware wallets, lending to better support by the community.


  • It comes with a strap you can use to attach it to your key chain, but it seems like it will eventually wear out and break, and I could lose it.
  • It does not use a security chip like the Nano S, which means if someone else gains physical access to your wallet, they could steal everything on it. They would need special tools and technical skills to pull it off, but TSA or even some semi-intelligent crooks could do it.

    Even if you use the optional encryption password, they could modify the firmware to send them a signal the next time you access your wallet, allowing them to steal your keys at that time.

    So, should you travel and TSA ever handles your wallet without your supervision, you would have to move your bitcoins to another wallet using a DIFFERENT device, then inspect the circuit board on the compromised device for tampering, and finally flash the device with trusted firmware. Or, just trash the device, because you never know what tricks well-funded hackers can pull out of their sleeves.

My Recommendation

I would recommend the Trezor to anyone I know who has a bitcoin investment of at least a thousand dollars, because of its track record and future outlook. However, I would be cautionary about traveling with it if it holds a substantial amount of your net worth. For that, I would recommend the Nano S.

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